Thursday, October 23, 2008

>Ranbaxy Analysis

Ranbaxy the corrective 5 down is near its fag end the break below 240
confirmed its journey towards 200.
The assumption here remains simple wave 5 could be of traveling atleast the same distance
traveled by wave 1.

Anyone who likes Ranbaxy as a company should start investing from 200 onwards,Of Course buy in bits.Don't just buy in one shot.Ranbaxy would enjoy support of two countries INDIA as well as JAPAN.
"We are delighted to announce the realization of the global alliance with Ranbaxy. Two strong presences in innovation and the fast growing business of nonproprietary pharmaceuticals united, this hybrid business model will boost Daiichi Sankyo to achieve our goal to become a world-class pharmaceutical innovator, a global pharma innovator," Daiichi Sankyo President & Chief Executive Takashi Shoda said in a joint statement.
Can read more about it here Ranbaxy The Japanese MNC!!!
Previously posted Ranbaxy call Ranbaxy .



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