Tuesday, August 15, 2017

>Pharma sector update.

Hi friends,
                   I am tracking pharma sector for sometime now, Had even posted about few pharma shares ,I had written about LUPIN and GLENMARK ,Both were bearish posts about the stock.The stocks did fell and completed much more than the anticipated targets.
The waves in individual stocks looks to be nearing end or have ended.Sunpharma ,Lupin, Glenmark and DRREDDY all looks set for a good rally in some time,Best way to play them would be to have a SIP in any pharma based fund.
For traders need to find trade setups which i am sure would pop up in a while ,All in all you cannot neglect pharma anymore thats what i mean by this post ,I could be a early bird 

Expecting pharma index to get back to weekly 200 dma again in coming time even in a bearish scenario.