Sunday, September 25, 2011

>Mahindra and Mahindra elliottwave analysis

Auto sector has been not in sync with nifty few stocks are sideways ,Few are trending up
and few trending down .

M&M holds the highest weightage followed by tatamotors ,Bajaj auto , heromotoco and
maruti suzuki

I think this sector would peakout in some time and investors should book their profits in
this sector

M&M Looks to have finished 5 up on monthly charts or about to finish may kiss 850 once
Tatamotors is already in downtrend

on daily charts M&M wave count is labled on following chart followed by 5 up in monthly
On daily chart we are in process of finishing some sort of B up here we could be making a triangle or a flat in any case a 25% correction is not ruled out from current levels .

lets see how this sector behave in coming months can update accordingly .