Friday, May 27, 2016

>DCB Elliott wave count

Hi Friends,
                       Looking at DCB a text book 5 up move is anticipated.
Look at the move from the basing of 70 ,we had a 1 up and abc down and a big rally till
100+ and then the stock went into consolidation.
This consolidation looks like a 4th 
wave fall,
Expecting a 5th up rally in it after 
this consolidation is over ,Keep this
on radar to look for a rally towards 100+
and further towards 110.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

>DIVIS LAB elliottwave counts

Hi Friends,
                    Divis lab looks to have finished a wxy correction on daily chart ,
We can look from the chart how beautifully multiple abc's are nested together to form the pattern.
Now the present move also looks like as abc is ending and a move towards 1100 is due,As long as
1000 is held .
A wave trader always anticipates the move ,lets see how the chart pattern works in coming
days .Overall the pharma sector as a whole has not done good in may month ,Lets see whats in store
for JUNE month.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Info Edge(Naukri) Trade setup

Hi friends,
                    Have been tracking Info edge (Naukri) for some time now ,This stock is trading in triangle and has been getting squeezed ,I like the pattern as long as the lower trendline 700 holds this 
stock can hit atleast 850 ,Above 850 its a triangle break and should do 1000.

Tommorrow being the result day for INFO EDGE lets see how it fares ,I think its all set to rally if no negative surprizes in result technically the stock looks nice.