Friday, May 06, 2005

>How to use Rish Trader

The log is dedicated to using Technical Analysis to find Stock Picks which can deliver outstanding returns in the short term.
Stock Trading is risky and one should know how to control ones risk.
The picks in RishTraders are made using my extensive experience in Technical Stock Trading.
One can also use futures and options to enhance ones return though the risks would also increase.

Tehnical Trading involves having experience in Chart Patterns.
Knowing which stocks to select and how to trail them.

The art of trailing a winning position and cutting short your losses is the single most important factor in technical trading.

Stock Trading involves risks and can lead to permanent loss of capital.
So while you trade to grow your Trading Portfolio, also keep the risk at forefront of your decisions.

Here again. Wishing you a Rich Trading experience.
Mark this page and visit every day to find latest picks and ideas.

Do leave your comments on the Technical picks on what you think of the stock picks and How I can improve them.

Do drop in a line when you use a trading pick and make profit or loss from it.
It would give me happiness to find you growing with this site.

the Rich Trader.. ;-)