Tuesday, January 30, 2018

>RAMKY Infrasructure chart

Hi friends,
                  The chart looks good wave extention happening.Below is weekly chart showing clear waves.

Bigger degree of wave 1 is done followed by wave 2 and now bigger degree of wave 3 in progress .In daily chart can expand the bigger degree wave 3 into parts.The below chart is daily time frame.

From chart can see bigger degree wave 3 unfolding green colour counts bigger degree .
The white count suggests 123 of bigger 3 is done and now 4th wave is on which is expected to finish soon wave 2 was a deeper correction so wave 4th is expected to be shallow 1.
Track this stock seems good swing near 200-195  or above 225 . Expectation of 300 + .

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

>Pharma Index update

Hi friends,
                     Lat time when i had posted on pharma we got a good 1000 points rally .
Can see last update PHARMA INDEX .Now the index is hovering near breakout from the channel
Above 10000 on pharma index individual stocks in pharma space can give very good return .To name few Cadila,Star ,Glenmark and Cipla.