Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Banknifty elliottwave count

In my last post Banknifty elliottwave count a wedge breakdown
had happened .
Lets see the current picture.

The above chart is self explanatory,This count negates above 27500.
Overall banknifty is holding in slanting parallel channel.As long as 27500 holds 
banknifty can slide towards 26200-26000.

Nifty elliottwave analysis

Nifty volatile range bound grind is still on.
Lets look at the current picture.

From the chart we can see a wvy is done and a further wave structure is underway.
The preferred count for now suggests either a b/2 is on as long as 10950-11000 range 
holds up on upside .This count suggests a bad march month for  nifty.Expiry is this 
thrusday lets see how nifty behaves ,The next few days would clear the doubt if all in 
the above count ,Overall the range bound move is still on with lowerside capped at 10500
and upside capped at 11000.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

midcap index chart

Midcap index saw a good bounce today ,In my last post
had mentioned about support at 16000 levels .
Midcap index chart ,Lets see the present situation.

The index made a low near 16044 and today closed at 16470+ .The wave count suggests
3rd wave finished at 16044 and probably 4th up wave is on ,This count gets negated if 
17220 is taken out on upside .Lets see how the index behaves in coming days.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Edelweiss chart

Edelwiess stock has corrected more than 50% within a year.
Lets see the stock chart.

This is weekly chart,We have a impulse from top,Which is almost completed ,I am looking for 
a strong bounce in stock .
I am expecting 210 levels in medium term ,A good stock to accumulate here on.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Midcap index chart

Midcap index the correction keeps extending,
I had put a count before which got negated.

Lets see the present structure.

WXY correction on ,At present Y on in Y c wave is on the support levels are 16000

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Eicher motors chart

Royal enfield promotor Eicher motor saw sales drop in 
dec qtr ,I dnt remember last when they witnessed drop in sales.

Lets see the stock chart.

The waves are well labled ,As long as 26200 is not breached we could have a impulse 
down from top ,Which is not good for the stocks bull pattern.
If waves get overlapped ie a breach of 26200 on upside this could well be a short term correction
in bull move ,Lets see how stock behaves.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Reliance infra chart

Reliance infra ,This stock had been in news for Rafale deal.
Lot of price damage this stock has seen after congress allegations.

Lets see its stock chart.

The stock has been in correction since 2008,The correction is squeezing in contraction.
It has hit the lower trendline. This seems to be a good investment bet,This is weekly chart.
Usually in the last leg the price breaches the lower trendline and then reverses violently.Lets 
see how this stock behaves .