Thursday, February 07, 2019

Eicher motors chart

Royal enfield promotor Eicher motor saw sales drop in 
dec qtr ,I dnt remember last when they witnessed drop in sales.

Lets see the stock chart.

The waves are well labled ,As long as 26200 is not breached we could have a impulse 
down from top ,Which is not good for the stocks bull pattern.
If waves get overlapped ie a breach of 26200 on upside this could well be a short term correction
in bull move ,Lets see how stock behaves.


livelife said...

could u comment on nifty?

I had been member of old AIII and eagleeyetrade years back. however it seems all blog/groups are closed now. Good to see you are still in business :)

keep it up

Rish said...

Nifty has multiple counts active ,So waiting for more clarity to post.

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