Tuesday, January 31, 2017

>LUPIN Elliott wave counts

Hi Friends,
                    Pharma had been a darling of investors ,But off late most of pharma have broken their
long term trendlines or rather say many have broken their supports .
Today i am discussing a pharma major LUPIN which has been in a time consuming correction for over an year now.
Lets try to open up the chart and lable the waves.From 2100+ to a low of 1280 abc was done .From 1280 to 1750 again abc was done we can lable it as X wave.
From 1750 till now we have done a wave followed by a time consuming  triangle in b wave which is still on .
which suggests a fall towards 1300 can come in c wave ,The move after triangle follows the move which was before the triangle.

On the other side ,A move abpve 1580 -86 would negate this count.Lets see over the coming weeks how the stock moves.

Monday, January 30, 2017

>Dabur elliottwave counts

Hi friends,
                        The chart we would discuss today is DABUR ,The stock is under correction 
since july last year.We had a nice abc correction b being a triangle.

Further the stock revounded sharply in an X wave ,Followed by a time 
consuming abc correction.
So we had abcXabc correction till 260
Now the upmove has again started which can be a new wave or a X wave again,
How do we acertain the correction is finished or its gonna still continue.
Few things to look for,The stock is 

still in the parallel channel so till it remains in channel the correction can continue ,The channel resistance comes at 290-95.
So we see how the stock reacts near those levels to figure out the further move of the stock ,Track this stock would update further on the move.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

>Astra microwave elliott wave counts

Hi Friends,
                    Astra microwave has been sideways for last 2 years now,Consolidating in a triangle.
In wave terms we can say its consolidating in a 4th wave triangle.

The triangle looks prominent as even volumes have dropped considerable giving hint of a triangle pattern.
The breakout from triangle is at 140 above that this can easily do 180 levels. For an investor its a buy for a trader buy after breakout.
This is a defense sector stock ,With make in india being the current flavour this can be a dark horse keep this on radar.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

>Budget volatility

Hi friends,
                   Been long since i posted ,To start with a small caution going in to budget
the budget day has always given volatility.
Have done lil data crunching The last 7 years budget day nifty movement .

From the above chart we can see intra volatility which is seen onm budget day though the closing doesnot show much change ,So be careful when you try to trade on budget day.