Wednesday, May 31, 2017

>M&M Finance

Hi friends,
                  The stock has followed almost the same pattern expected .Had posted in last post M&M Finance elliottwaves.Lets see the move the stock has done after the post.

Expectation was a fall from 340 levels towards 300-295  the stock fell till 290 ,And from there a rally towards 370 ,The stock has already done 350 .A good move in both long and short side.

Friday, May 26, 2017

>Nifty Update

Hi friends,
                    In my last post Nifty May expiry My expectation was a fall towards 9340-20 and a reversal for may expiry .Lets see the present chart of nifty.

Nifty made a nice falling wedge till 9341 and reversed .The reversal was too strong ,The suggestion to buy 9400 or 9350 CE did quite good,Ofcouse i didnot expect such huge move in a single day ,But according to waves i was able to catch the reversal beforehand.

>Tatamotors update

Hi friends,
                  In my last post Tatamotors elliottwave i was expecting upmove towards 480 and further till 520.Lets see the present chart.

The stock has already scaled 480+.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

>Nifty May expiry

Hi friends,
                   This correction in nifty is quite shallow wheras in midcaps its deep.
Lets look at the nifty correction structure.

The fall from top is combination of abc joined by a x wave. This move can do max 9340-20 ,And should reverse again now with expiry quite near ,If a fall to said levels come before expiry we can  try CE 9350 or 9400 for expiry.If the expected fall doesnot come before expiry avoid CE.These CEs become quite lucarative if the direction is in favorable direction ,Also the premiums get less.

Monday, May 22, 2017

>M&M Finance update

Hi friends,
                   Had anticipated a fall in stock in last post MFINANCE ELLIOTTWAVE  .We can see that the fall has come from 340 levels to almost 300 now lets see the reaction near 300.

A good support lies near 300 lets see if it holds the stock can do good in coming days.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

>Glenmark wave structure

Hi friends,
                   Lets look at the Glenmark structure on daily chart ,The time consuming dirty upmove turned out to be B up.

The wave targets show still more downside in glenmark ,Though a inbetween bounce should come soon but eventually i think 520-30 should get tested thats the support band.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

>Tatamotors elliottwave

Hi friends,
                     Looking at tatamotors charts,Lets count from high of 600,We can see a abc correction till 430 .Then again a abc up tull 550+ making a lower top and then fell to below 420 making lower low in anc correction .

Now expecting a move towards 480,500 in abc correction up to hit trendline resistance.
Need to look at the structure of this anticipated rally ,To further acertain the move.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

>M&M Finance elliottwave structure

Hi friends,
                  lets check the wave structure of m&m fin ,Lets try to count waves from December 2016 low.

The chart is well labeled ,The price is moving in a parallel up channel.The stock did abc up move followed by a X wave and now again in process of making next abc move .Currently a is finished (made a ending diagonal) now in b wave expectation is abc correction to finish b wave in (310-305).The strong support is at (300-295) range .
Expecting a up move from 300 levels.


Hi friends,
                    This is new entrant to future segment,This stock structure looks promising,Lets breakdown the chart structure.

The chart is well labeled.7500 to 5000 the stock did big wxy this correction took almost a year to finish.Further after that stock did a leading diagonal move and almost hit previous high of 7500 and fell back and made a abc correction ,And now again the wave upmove has started,This move should atleast hit 7500.Above 7500 the stock can do big move would recheck once 7500 is hit.Lets see how stock moves in coming weeks, Dips should be bought this should hit 7500 as long as 6000 is held.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Hi friends,
                   In last post BankofBaroda elliottwave had posted about a move towards 200+ and then a fall towards 180 ,The stock has loosely followed the same expected pattern till now.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

>LUPIN update

Hi friends,
                     This has done the minimum target expected Lupin elliottwave counts.Now lets see how stock reacts to these levels ,Still no reversal or strength seen in stock ,Would give few days more to the stock before reevaluating the elliottwave counts.

Monday, May 01, 2017

>Balrampur chinni

Hi friends,
                  Posting wave chart of balrampur chinni,Quite clear waves let me post the chart.

5th wave underway and it has potential to scale new all time high above 200++.This is for educational purpose.