Saturday, May 13, 2017


Hi friends,
                    This is new entrant to future segment,This stock structure looks promising,Lets breakdown the chart structure.

The chart is well labeled.7500 to 5000 the stock did big wxy this correction took almost a year to finish.Further after that stock did a leading diagonal move and almost hit previous high of 7500 and fell back and made a abc correction ,And now again the wave upmove has started,This move should atleast hit 7500.Above 7500 the stock can do big move would recheck once 7500 is hit.Lets see how stock moves in coming weeks, Dips should be bought this should hit 7500 as long as 6000 is held.


Blogger said...

Can one enter this stock, it has moved down in last 4 sessions

Rish said...

Yes take position in steps this should move up as long as 6000 holds.

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