Sunday, April 26, 2020

Axis bank elliottwave analysis.

 Lets look at axis bank wave structure.

The bigger timeframe 

Lets look at the structure of rise from the lows. 

This looks interesting ,Structure looks quite clear and is well labled. 360-70 looks good support 
as lomg as that holds a bullish count remains active for upside .Lets see how the price moves in coming days.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

TCS elliottwave analysis

Taking further from old post IT stocks.
Lets see TCS structure.

The TCS waves showing lot of abcs ,Here the ideal count i have labled ,As long as a high above 
the dotted yellow line is not done this count is valid.Still we can see rangebound moves for a while and then a trending move.Would update on this as the move matures.

INFY elliottwave analysis

Taking further from old post on IT stocks .

Lets see structure of INFY.

The present structure shows multiple counts .We had an abc finished near 680 levels and from there
we could be trading in a triangle or a new abc need a day or 2 more price move to zero in on popular 
count .Would revist this soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


The escorts pattern is opening up.Look at the old post Escorts elliottwave .

Lets see the present structure.

B wave probably unfolding into wxy ,y wave unfolding which has potential to do 750-760.

Lets see how the price moves in coming days.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Escorts elliottwave analysis

Lets look at wave structure of escorts.
Lets have larger time frame first.

Larger time frame shows 123 is finished and 4th is on.Lets see the lower time frame to see 4th unfolding wave structure.

The above chart gives hint of  WXY unfolding its trading in a parallel channel. WX is finished Y is unfolding with a already done and b underway .b is usually notorious plays around for some time before giving up not to forget it catched lot of traders on wrong foot .Look for shorting opportunity in coming days in this in rallies.This wave structure fails if stock crosses above parallel channel.

Friday, April 10, 2020

mindtree elliottwave analysis

               Lets look at wave structure of mind tree ,First always look at bigger time frame to figure out bigger wave and later check on smaller time frame to figure out entry exit in case a trading or investing opportunity arises looking at larger time frame.

The monthly wave counts show clear 5 up. According to this study this stock would underperform for quite some time ,This validates what we saw in IT INDEX ELLIOTTWAVE ANALYSIS .

Lets check now smaller time frame .

From 5th high we can count abc followed by X wave and again a down fall probable WXY pattern unfolding .A rectracement rise would be a welcome move for berars to hit for lower levels next few 
days move can give good entery point lets see how the stock behaves in next week.


Thursday, April 09, 2020


Dear friends,

Lets look at IT index waves,Almost all indexes this time fell along with nifty . After the initial fall the indexes have shown some good replacements lets look at the wave structure.

It made a wedge and fell almost all made wedge kind overlapping wave structures distribution before collapsing .Lets take a closer look at the correction .

This abcde overlapping upmove has potential to do minimum 13000+ and maximum 13450.
Thats where a good short trade setup would emerge i think ,Lets see how this moves in coming days .