Wednesday, October 15, 2008

>Fibonacci Levels

Explore beyond the basics of Fibonacci.

You know that FibLevels have a powerful effect on the markets, and you probably know the basics of Fibonacci trading, but need to find a better way to use it in the markets. So you can put a bunch of Fibonacci Levels on a chart, what to do about it? How do you use these levels to make good trading decisions?

When a FibLevel breaks, there is money to be made! When a FibLevel holds, there is also money to be made! But how do you know whether a FibLevel has broken? Or will it hold? If you knew that, you would know which way to trade the market! A support level that breaks can provide great profits to the downside. A Support level that holds can give excellent long trades. The same is true for resistance FibLevels. Read more here .....Fibonacci



yndesai said...

I wanted to vote for 2975
As I calculated it

Can you elaborate on your fib level working.

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