Wednesday, October 29, 2008

>INSIDE TRADING 29-10-2008

524760Arvind International ltd.Arvind Bajoria17/10/2008B120000.175279007.52
532330Biopac India Corporation LtdPankaj B Doshi20/10/2008B10000
532868DLF LIMITEDPraveen Kumar22/10/2008B30000
509130Dunlop India Ltd.,Dil Rim & Wheel Corporation Ltd.24/10/2008S1268264417.622083258528.94
509130Dunlop India Ltd.,Wealth Overseas Pte Ltd.24/10/2008B1268264417.621268264417.62
532715Gitanjali Gems Ltd.Mehul C Choksi27/10/2008B890000.103472400040.81
512579Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd.Marley Foods Pvt Ltd.23/10/2008B5200000.15308255519.14
512579Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd.Brinda Dealing Pvt Ltd.23/10/2008B5815300.17124388303.69
500467Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.,Pankaj Kapoor14/10/2008B3000
532747Kingfisher Airlines LimitedDeccan Emerging Business Ventures Pv Ltd20/10/2008S108066
532747Kingfisher Airlines LimitedCapt. G R Gopinath20/10/2008S160046
532440Macmillan India Ltd.Citigroup Global Markets (M) Pvt Ltd.22/10/2008S11414726.79--
523704Mastek LimitedNalanda India Fund Ltd.22/10/2008B14000005.2026880209.99
501343Motor & General Finance (M.G.F.) LtRam Prakash & Co Pvt Ltd.--B141520.072683461.38
501343Motor & General Finance (M.G.F.) LtMGF Services Ltd.--B88110.053250001.68
531120Patel Engineering LtdPatel Realtors Pvt. Limited22/10/2008B100000.041403000023.52
531120Patel Engineering LtdPraham India Pvt Limited22/10/2008B100000.041374800023.04
531120Patel Engineering LtdEnpro Limited15/10/2008 - 22/10/2008B375000.06375000.06
523523Rainbow Papers Ltd.,Nikita Ajay Goenka24/10/2008B11169
530521Virat Industries Ltd.Fredoon Madan08/10/2008B1050
530521Virat Industries Ltd.Nirmal G Awtaney & Krishnan Awtaney15/10/2008B5000
B - Buy
S - Sale


Anonymous said...

Indian Share market shaked due to abnormal investment in the Indian equties bu FIIs than local(DIIs)Indian Investors.When crisis araised ,FIIs use to sell continuosely from Dec2007 onwards till to day.No substitue to buy back these huge selling in India.who committed this mistakes for not insulating India from FIIs selling.SEBI(Watch dog & Regulator of Stock market ) also failed to limit FIIs selling.If some stringent measures / rulings were imposed at the time of initial investment ,then some relief would have been to Indian Investors.It is a lesson to RBI/FM/SEBI to regulate Investment proceedures in Indian in the Equity .SEBI must stipulate stringent measures to avoid sharp fall/High Volatile market.

shiachin said...

getting regular inside trades on ur blog mate is a delightful :-)

thanks Rohit keep the good work

Gurpreet Singh said...

I am new to your blog and found the blog very informative. Could you please explain the information in Insider Trades section.

Like name of the scrip, buyer, no. of shares, etc.ect.


Rish said...

Scrip Code,
Company Name of Acquirer / Seller,
Transaction Date,
Buy /Sale,
No.of Shares Transacted,
Holding after Transaction.
This is the sequence of the inside trading table hope you are able to understand ,If you still cant make out let me know:).Thxs for appreciation.

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