Monday, October 27, 2008

>Next Chairman of TATA Group

Shapoorji Mistry *is an Indian entrepreneur and construction
tycoon. With his *18.5% stake in Tata Sons*, he is the single largest
shareholder in India's largest private conglomerate Tata Group. He is also
the Chairman of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group through which he owns Shapoorji
Pallonji Construction Limited and Eureka Forbes Limited.

He is also the former Chairman of Associated Cement Companies. In 2007,
Forbes estimated his total fortune to be *worth US$ 5.9 billion*.Pallonji
gave up his Indian citizenship in 2007 to adopt *Irish citizenship*, making
him the richest Irish national in the world.

Nicknamed by his colleagues in Tata Group as the *Phantom of Bombay House*,
Pallonji, despite being one of the most successful businessmen in India, is
known for his *media-shyness *and rarely appears in public.

Association OF Mr.Pallonji Mistry with TATA Group is since more than 50
years back. His father Mr.Shapoorji Mistry had acquired 12.5 % stake of TATA
Sons, the key holding company of TATA Group from Mr. J R D Tata by buying
out solicitor FE Dinshaw's estate which was equal to 12.5% of Tata Son

And when J R D Tata tooke over the group Mr.Shapoorji had taken the
advantage of group's uncertanity and bought out other Tata family members
stake and increased it to 16.5%.

*Today, Pallonji owns 18.35% of Tata Sons, while Ratan Tata himself owns
less than a per cent.*

When TCS went public, Pallonji was the biggest beneficiary, netting more
than even the Tata companies.
He's always been a silent stakeholder, choosing instead to focus on the
international expansion of his own construction group, The Shapoorji
Pallonji Group and the domestic expansion of Eureka Forbes. The Group has
now diversified into textile and IT parks but Pallonji is as reclusive as
ever. He admits, "I prefer to be in the background, and I always have been.
But when it is a must, as I said when I became the Chairman of ACC, I had to
be before the press and so I was there. But if left to me, I would rather be
on my own."

In spite of being one of the richest Indians and Chairman of the Shapoorji
Pallonji Group, Pallonji Mistry is a man who rarely appears in public and is
often described as being media shy. His employees call him the man with no
faults, his friends describe him as humble and within the Tata Group he is
known as the Phantom of Bombay House.

In 2007, he gave up his Indian citizenship to become an Irish citizen.His
son-in-law Noel Tata is the CEO of the retail arm of the Tata Group. Noel
Tata is also the half-brother of Ratan Tata.

His son Mr.Cyrus Mistry is, 40 years old has recently joined the board of
TATA Sons in 2006.*The possiblity of next chairman of TATA Group is of his
son Mr. Cyrus Mistry or his son-in-law Mr.Noel Tata*.

*Any one out of Mr.Cyrus Mistry, Son of Mr.Pallonji Mistry and Mr.Noel Tata,
Son-in-law of Mr.Pallonji Mistry are the Next chairman of TATA Group.



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