Wednesday, October 29, 2008

>Volkswagen AG Doubles in 2 days!!!

FRANKFURT, Germany - Shares of Volkswagen AG jumped an eye-popping 82 percent on Tuesday after a similar surge the day before, leading German financial regulators to say they would investigate.

Speculation on the reason for the rise centered on a reduced number of shares available and on hedge funds needing to unwind bad bets on the share's direction. The surge came amid reports that big investors had been forced to buy scarce shares to get out of mistaken bets the shares would fall

On Sunday, Porsche Automobile Holding SE, which owns the company that makes the 911 and Cayenne vehicles, said it increased its stake in VW to 42.6 percent plus enough options to give it 74.1 percent. Since the German state of Lower Saxony, where Volkswagen's headquarters is based, holds just over 20 percent of the company's shares, as little as 6 or 7 percent would be freely available.

That started pushing VW shares sharply higher. On Monday, they were up nearly 147 percent to close at 520 euros ($651.35) compared with Friday's closing price of 210.85 euros ($264.41).

On Tuesday, Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen's shares spiked as high as 1,005 euros ($1,256) in Frankfurt trading Tuesday, nearly doubling Monday's close. At that level, Volkswagen was worth some 296 billion euros ($370.8 billion), greater than Exxon Mobil Corp.'s market cap of $343 billion.

This is one example when Bear got it wrong totally.
After triggering a near-tripling of Volkswagen's share price over the past two days, Porsche could be in for a windfall: the automaker said on Wednesday it planned to cash in some 5.0% of its indirectly-held Volkswagen stake in order to give red-faced short-sellers some room to breathe.

Doubling in two days:)Amazing.



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