Thursday, October 02, 2008

>Technical Patterns Examples

Hello Friends,
We all know this financial market is like a big wild jungle which contains different kind of animals,Big,small,Tall,fat etc and all animals survive by hunting many tend to hunt each other,End result "Survival of the fittest".

Exactly same way stock market is glutted with players who try different things but with same goal "Making money".This money craving makes Traders, Try different methods few of them are listed
1- Technical analysis
2- Astrology
3- Numerology
4-Tape reading
5-Gut feeling
6-Flukes (Tukka)
7-News Related

Out of these the few which i like are Technical analysis+Gut feeling+news.
I have come across few people who just don't believe in technicals at all,They turn apathetic towards technicals:)

A small initiative from me to create awareness among traders to learn
Technical analysis so that traders can find bit easy to perambulate through this
wild financial jungle.There is untrammeled scope of improvement in ones trading activity,If Technical analysis is used to make decision on trade setup.:)ofcource
Technical analysis is a vast subject and need to update regularly.

Below am posting few recent charts which fetched great rewards if technicals were
applied on them.

PS:-These examples are of classic technical analysis(entry level) still see their power.

If you find this post use full do comment, In near future would try posting about advanced Tech strategies and tool with their chart examples.
Elliot wave etc.



kurichh said...

it was very nice sir...plese do keep posting

naresh nambisan said...

lovely graphs..can i see some bull/bear flag in indian stocks pl??thx in advance....

Shiree said...

Dear Rish great charts. Simplicity and clarity at its pinnacle. Keep it up.

krishna said...

it was very nice will help a lot to us to learn some basics and also useful to predict pattern and how to trade on basis of that............good intiative by u sir.....we need more info also on that........

chandra said...

They say Charts don't predict........BUT Reveal the total sum picture of all the trading participants in a particular stock/commodity.Although I do not personally give 100% credence to the above statement, I have seen that Technical Charts DO SPEAK their own language.........unless we listen to them with due devotion it shall seem like NOISE.Your analysis is really worth taking note of........Do keep posting the stuff on Tech analysis.

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