Wednesday, December 10, 2008

>Dow jones Technical Analysis

I have come up with a update on dowjones Chart Analysis after a long gap.
In the last analysis Dow jones as was discussed Dow was in 4th of 3rd main wave,
which finished near 9700.From there 5th of main 3rd started which
ended near 7500.A good 1200 points.

So the killer 3rd main wave of dowjones is over,And presently we are in
4th main wave.

According to chart the parallel line channel holds much importance which
projects the upper resistance at 9500.

downside 8200-8000 is a good support .

These corrective ups give great opportunity for Traders Dowjones already saw
great run 7500 to 9000.



Rish said...

Dow jones 8800-8850 stiff resistance above that smooth move else some fall

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