Wednesday, December 10, 2008

>Amibroker formula language(AFL)

Today,I am sharing an AFL which tells about trendline
support ,resistances and wedges.

In a bear market wedges play a very important role
most of the falls intraday from resistances tend to make
rising wedge chart pattern before falling.

Trendline resistance and supports are vital in calculating
long target and short targets respectively.

If you find it difficult to spot a wedges or trendline support
and resistances this AFL indicator will help you to decide.
RSI Trendline & Wedges.Afl is one such Afl indicator.

Download it here RSI Trendline & Wedges.Afl

Now many asked me how to use it in Amibroker .Let me explain
Start Amibroker go to view tick Charts after ticking charts
you will see in left side a new column will appear with heading
Charts(usually its their already by default),Fine.

Under Charts section there would be so many indicators,Averages
Go to a particular heading by name Custom,Right click on custom
New>>Formula .A blank Afl editor will open.
Just drag this downloaded Afl rsi trendline&wedges.Afl in that
blank Afl editor and save it as Rsi trendline & Wedges.Afl.

Once all this is done you will see your Indicator below Custom .
Which can be produced on chart by double clicking on the indicator.

I hope i made it clear,Still if someone has got any doubt do leave a comment.




Anonymous said...

gud work bhai

Anonymous said...

Great indicator, Rish. Many thanks!

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