Saturday, December 13, 2008

>What is Amibroker

AmiBroker, by Tomasz Janeczko, is an advanced technical analysis program for Windows computers .

AmiBroker helps you make stock trading decisions by graphing historical price and volume data. AmiBroker has all of the major features you need to look after your stock portfolio, including a formula language to build custom chart indicators, quickly search large databases for a select few to study more closely, a portfolio manager and much more.

Without good data and an easy way to import it, you won't get far doing technical analysis.

Featuring End-of-Day and Real-Time charting and analysis, equity function, unique composite indicators, intraday backtesting, position sizing, multiple-security optimisation and more!

All the most popular studies and indicators are built-in, including: candlesticks, moving averages, Bollinger bands, trend lines, Fibonacci retracements and timezones, comparative relative strength, parabolic stop-and-reverse, directional movement, MACD, ROC, RSI, Stochastics, Ultimate, TRIX, CCI, MFI, TRIN, NVI and more.

AmiBroker has a custom programming language called AFL which incorporates analysis functions, allowing you to back-test your trading systems (with detailed reporting), build custom chart indicators and perform screening of large databases.

I have been using Amibroker for last 4 years,And frankly never got tempted to try any other
Charting platform.Amibroker serves me well.

Today I will share few tips and tricks to use Amibroker efficiently.

First and foremost ,What a trader requires ?

The more the screen space for plotting chart the better it would be .
So when in live market tracking stocks its a good practice to keep all stocks ready on tab
and run through them during market hours.
Hers my Amibroker screenshot.
You can see the screen how the chart area is enhanced by removing the less frequently
things from the Amibroker pane.
Also the Pre analyzed stocks are up front in tabs.

Here's one more simple trick to compare two charts in one frame

Comparing two symbols on one chart

How to customize price chart

Hope this helps new bees to understand Amibroker in a better way


Tarun Markose said...

How can I get realtime data in the most cost efficient and reliable way possible? Are there any free providers?

Rish said...

Hi Tarun My thinking free things never work pay a little and get the work done there are many data providers who take little fees to provide real time data.
True data or data fetchers are cheap real time data providers.
Then there is IRIS ad Falcon which are costly.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...


Please let me know How to Get AMIBROKER and from which vendor you are getting Realtime and EOD Data.

Also let me know is AMIBROKER a realtime or EOD ?

I am begginer to TA and using ACE for EOD analysis.

Please help.


Anonymous said...

Pl let us know @ 1/2 real time data providers and their charges also.

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