Sunday, December 07, 2008

>Market Forecasting with the New Refined Elliott Wave Principle(ebook)

Our latest discoveries are redefining the Wave Principle as a
statistically sound market-forecasting tool.
Since the 1930’s, when R. N. Elliott discovered patterns within the
price charts of liquid markets - the result of mass human emotion,
flowing from hope to fear, and back again - the Elliott Wave
Principle has been the subject of constant controversy. It has been
said that, if you were to place ten Elliott Wave technicians in a
room to discuss the Elliott forecast on single chart, you would get
at least twelve opinions - and possibly a considerable amount of
If even the best Elliott experts can't agree on a single chart, what
chance does a trader have of being able to use the Elliott Wave
Principle as a reliable forecasting tool?
Finding an answer to this question has taken me more than a decade.

This all-consuming quest has taken me around the world many
times to work with some of the greatest minds in the industry. It has
required hundreds of thousands of hours of computer
programming, and the analysis of millions of charts. It has required
the formation of a dedicated research team to collate a database of
millions of Elliott Wave patterns and market forecasts. It has even
required the help of many thousands of traders gifting their unused
computer time to this extensive project so that our software could
compare millions of these forecasts with subsequent real market
action – and determine their accuracy.
The results may surprise you. They certainly surprised us.

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Market Forecasting with the New Refined Elliott Wave Principle


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