Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nifty wave counts 27th may

Hi friends,
                  In my last post Nifty i mentioned about B up and a rise coming towards 7350+
Looks like the c wave stretched and we hit 7500+ and fell brutally in a fast move.
Lets look at the chart.
This count says we 
finished B at 7500+ and
have started C down for 
a target of 7070.
This count is bearish and nifty 
can target 7070 if a=c and can
stretch if it goes below that.

Another count i have in mind if we hold 7200 which would be bullish abcde count
as shown in picture below.
This count suggests of we hold
7200 we can have this move 
coming up.Lets see how
nifty moves today
this being expiry week 
move can be volatile 
keep an eye on levels
to see what move 



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