Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why learn Technical Analysis(UNITED BANK)

Hi friends,
                  Came across a nice pattern chart ,United bank i keep writing few posts which
are dedicated to inspiring traders,Investors to learn technical analysis and wave analysis.
Let me put the chart to see the pattern.
Why learn Technical Analysis(UNITED BANK)
This is weekly chart ,From the 
chart we can see a big ABC 
correction unfolded in last
3 years ,Interesting relation 
between waves can be seen
A=C(almost)thats an interesting  
observation,And the stock 
has reversed towards upside
,Now this stock is a buy in dips
it would target first 46 above 

that 55 and once trend line resistance is taken it can double quite fast towards 100,Buy this
stock and hold for next 6 months at least to get good reward.



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