Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nifty Election squeeze

Hi friends,
                   Well the event has arived lot of hype build in Expectations are high
BJP led NDA is expected to get majority according to exit polls .
We saw expectation rally already from 6650 to 7200.Lets see the present 
chart structure.
Nifty Election squeeze
Now tomorrow election results
Nifty moves depend on what kind
of numbers NDA gets this expectation
is build on clear majority to them,Any
surprize or shock can spin the market 
big ,From the chart we can see a nice
squeeze building up for last 2 days 
which suggests market waiting for
a trigger ie election result ,Technically
the move below 7070 would invite

gap filling and nifty can drift down to atleast 7015-7000.We have usually seen market running bothways
as the counting starts like during budget day ,So be safe and trade lite you can always trade heavy on 
any other day enjoy the move and jump in only when you understand the move .



wakeupindia-desiner said...

is nifty on 3rd wave or 5 th wave can u upload the chart with elliot wave marked on it

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