Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stocks go in 3rd wave spin (Modi effect!!)

Hi friends,
                  We are witnessing one of the best time since 2008 midcap rallies,Stocks  just 
took off and are not looking back.I had given many stocks here on blog they did exceptionally
good Dredge corp has doubled in matter of 45 days ,Let me put the chart.
From the chart we can see how 
brutal move this has been 250
to high of 570,This is characteristic
of 3rd wave sift and fast move 
and it continues in overbought move
Agolden rule here Big moves usually 
come in overbought (Up) and oversold
(down).So now important point here 
is the stock has almost reached 1.6 of
wave 1 which comes at 600 levels
One need to be carefull near these 

levels profit booking can emerge and a 4th wave consolidation may happen before further move up.
This is still an anticipation according to wave analysis so don't book out before confirmation 512 would
be a good trail .

The next big stock which was caught at right time was Reliance capital 
This stock also ran fast enough 340 TO 550+  let me put a bigger chart for relcapital
to see what is the bigger picture.
We can see from the chart the
stock has finished a potential
ABCDE and has broken out 
of slanting trendline which 
suggesting big targets in coming
time as long as the breakout holds
this stock would continue to be buy 
in dips with a much larger target 
in the range of 800-1000 rs
This stock looks set to gain its past

glory in coming time :).


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