Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why Learn Technical Analysis

Hi friends,
                  I have been writing this blog for many years now .Due to my writings on blog
i got many opportunities to interact with investors and traders.
I have come across traders who trade on gut feel ,Tape reading ,Technicals and few tukka(fluke) traders too,Still a large chunk of traders depend on news and tips from other sources ,By other sources i mean
tips given on social media ,on tv and even on sms ,These tips can't be trusted fully till one follows them 
and analyses their success ratio.
I always advocated about learning technical analysis ,As it gives trader confidence and logical reason
to go for the given trade,Even if you don't wanna get deep in technical analysis ,You should at least
go through the basic technical course .
A course which equips you with knowledge of how to see chart ,How to spot support and resistances
Trend lines etc,You would be sure after this course that you can analyse a given trade whether to go for
it or avoid it.
Why Learn Technical Analysis

Their is no short cut to success.
Stock market is a serious business
many take it as gambling as they 
don't have the knowledge for it.
You need to have an edge above 
others to win in this hence 
technical analysis comes in to 
picture.I have in past helped
many traders and investors
to learn Technical analysis

Of course I take fees for it ,Free lunches don't serve the purpose,For seasoned traders i take Advanced
Elliottwave course which hones them with skills which help them to spot an opportunity before it occurs
and catch it and sit tight on it till favorable move happens .If you are interested to know more about
these courses do mail me at rishrich at gmail dot com do mention  subject as technical analysis.




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