Saturday, April 05, 2014

Why learn Elliottwave (DREDGE CORP)

Hi friends,
                  Continuing with my Why learn Elliottwave ,Topic
Today i am showing an example where the stock is about to show big breakout
of the range and how an elliottcian tries to catch it before it starts to explode.
Let me put the example stock chart Dredge corporation.
The assumption is,The stock
has finished a big ABC
correction and now looking
to break out of the down
channel  ,This stock has
potential to scale to 400
in very short span,Look
for volumes they are building
up ,If this is 3rd wabe brust
the volumes would really go
ten fold.

Keep an eye on this stock ,Lets see how this stock performs.



Admin said...

Brilliant Man, My hats off to you.

I was keenly watching this technical recommendation and was hoping to buy into this on dips.
My stupid technical analysis studies made me think that the ma resistance lines above will
most likely cause this stock to dip to 242 where I intended to buy this stock.

Anyway, its really amazing to watch your Elliot wave skills perform dot on.

Rish said...

Admin ,Yes indeed waves are working to perfection at the moment simple impulses and abc corrections no complex stuff as of now.

abhiit said...

hats off to you man..... It indeed went well in recent sessions..... I am keen to learn more, can you help me...? I had bought it around 330 and the stock was down till now... thanks again.... waiting for more,,,,,

Rish said...

Yes Abhiit ,Mail me at rishrich at gmail dot com .

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