Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Reliance capital Target

Hi friends,
                  Looking at reliance capital chart this stock
has potential to do 380 and above that 427.
Lets look at the chart.
Reliance capital Target
The chart is well labeled
we had a diagonal move
abcde followed by an
abc correction and now
again the stock has started
to impulse up.This stock is a
buy in dips as long as 317
holds targets would be
380 and above that 427

Lets see how stock moves in coming time keep an eye on this this has a history
of moving very fast and finish targets soon.



Digs said...

Hi Rish.. hope all is going well at your end.. I do keep following your emails.. thanks for that mate. Is that figure of 317 on closing basis? And if that is broken, where do see this one taking support?

Rish said...

Its not closing basis ,If 317 gets breached then i would have to relook the pattern..

Alkesh said...

There was news on banking license.. thats out.. relcapital is out of race.. now no news.. it will take time to take out recent high of 361

Digs said...

Another feather in your cap, mate. Rel cap hit 380 on Friday.. and retraced to 370.. closing. Now waiting for next target of 427!! Your stocks do well on markets. Good study. Efforts and time and your posts are much appreciated, always! thanks Rish

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