Friday, April 04, 2014

Technical charts we discussed (Tataglobal and Raymond)

Hi friends,
                   I had given Tataglobal trade idea some time back
this stock performed exactly the way it was expected.
It touched 155 and now retracing a bit.

I had discussed about Raymond trade idea This stock too followed
the pattern perfectly and did 300+ as was expected.

 I had discussed Unitech trade idea this stock trade is still active
the stock has started to go up.

Overall we have seen waves are working good in this market ,Only thing
we need to wait for the right setup to emerge and then jump in to catch
that trade.
A important point here is we should learn to have patience so that we can avoid
shallow trade setups ,So that we don't end up missing the good trade setups.
Learning Wave principle definitely gives edge to traders.



Digs said...

Yep, well said!

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