Friday, April 25, 2014

ICICI BANK wave structure

Hi friends,
                    Icici bank came up with results today
ICICI Bank's net profit rose 17.84% to Rs 9810.48 crore on 12.77% increase in total income to Rs 54606.02 crore in the year ended March 2014 (FY2014) over the year ended March 2013 (FY2013).
Net interest income increased 19% to Rs 16475 crore in FY2014 from Rs 13866 crore in FY2013. Net interest margin increased by 22 basis points from 3.11% in FY2013 to 3.33% in FY2014. Non-interest income increased by 25% to Rs 10428 crore in FY2014 from Rs 8346 crore in FY2013.
I had posted a chart a day back about the fall coming in ICICI BANK .
We have seen profit booking after the result .
Lets see the bigger picture in ICICI bank wave structure.
ICICI BANK wave structure
From the chart we can see that
er are in process of finishing
a 5 up .So in the bigger picture
we have 2 impulses joined by
abc .The 5th of this impulse
is abcde ,Let me expand the 5th
to get a better view ,What i mean
by this.Overall a fall towards 1220
1200 is on cards to finish d wave
of abcde.

Let me put hourly chart to get a better view of abcde
ICICI BANK wave structure
 We see 3 abc's joined together
now with d on i expect this
fall to target 1220-1200 before
e leg up unfolds.
This structure holds good as
long as c top is not breached
Overall the stock is resting after
steep run up and requires to
correct once it completes
this pattern

Lets see how the stock unfolds in coming weeks.


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