Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ICICI BANK expiry view

Hi friends,
                   Looked at icici chart i see a couple of abc one after another
look at the following chart to understand what i meant.
ICICI BANK expiry view
We can see from the chart how
consecutive abc move is
unfolding in icici,This is usually
a time consuming move which
takes time with sudden moves
in between which confuses
trader ,Right now icici is
trading in c wave of abc
Let me put the chart
for the internal structure

of c wave to understand the c wave structure.

ICICI BANK expiry view
 My expectation is a small dip
and rise towards 1300+ and
then a drop towards 1280,1250
to finish wedge formation .
Lets see how icici moves
tomorrow overall the move
looks stretched so a dip would
be good for the upmove.



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