Thursday, April 17, 2014

Technical charts discussed(Reliance capital & Dredge corp)

Hi friends,
                    I have been posting trade ideas for sometime now,I am sure who follows this
blog must be getting benefited.

Reliance Capital.This stock when i had posted was around 353 ,My expectation was a dip
was coming and that dip was supposed to be bought ,The stock dipped to 334 and then
blasted up all the way to 383 a handsome jump as i had expected.

Dredge corp.This stock i had categorically mentioned is ready for a big spurt and was a buy at current levels and in dips ,The stock at 250 and it scaled to 317 in a very short time confirming
my chart reading true ,More would come in this stock after small consolidation keep an eye on this.

So overall you all would have seen Elliottwave give a good hold on the trade provided you find the
right stock ,Ofcourse you need to get hold on wave analysis first to find the right stock and then
plan a trade setup on it and sit with patience till the required setup emerges and them execute the
trade swifty.I have started posting these trades with charts so that traders get compelled to
learn Elliottwave because nothing else gives comfidence better than, When you see something which
was told in advance happened in future:).



Digs said...

Yes Sirrrrrrrrrr!! Great work. Waiting for the next target for Rel cap of 417 as mentioned in your original post..
I missed Dredge Corp unfortunately. Will keep a tab on it! Cheers.. keep up the good work. Much appreciated. Thanks heaps

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