Thursday, December 04, 2008

>World market Indexes comparison

I thought it would be a good idea to compare main world indexes with each other.

Developed economies and Emerging economies would be discussed.

In developed economies ,I would talk about

2 European economies
3 Japan

Emerging economies ,I would talk about

1 China
2 India
3 Brazil

Dowjones if we see from chart made a new low in November

And after that a nice rally ,I had posted Dowjones analysis
the present situation shows that the five down of the
3 rd main are done and a possible main 4th corrective up

European Indexes

United kingdom ,Germany and France their charts more or less
move in unison.
The important point here to see is even though Dowjones made its
low in November European indexes made their lows in October
Exception being France.
Their chart follows.

From charts its seen that United kingdom(FTSE) and Germany(DAX)
alomost made double bottom ,Unlike France which made a new low in
November but the new was not considerably lower.

Japan the only developed economy of Asia also joined USA and european
countries list of Recession. Chart wise Japan(NIK) also made its low in october
unlike DOWJONES which made its low in november.

Emerging economies INDIA ,China/HongKong and Brazil
Made their respective lows in October the lows made in
november are considerably higher than october
lows, Respective charts

In Emerging economies BRICS only Brazil is ahead
of INDIA in terms of less fall in this BEAR market.
Russia is licking its own wounds where most of its
revenue comes from OIL exports and with oil prices so low
they are struggling.

Nifty after touching 2500 showed nice rewound if nifty
overcomes 2810-2860 this rally can catch momentum.

Conclusion:-This Bear market will see fast screaming rises of course they
are bound to fade but these rises give excellent trading opportunities for
a trader,I would stress on word"Trader".



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