Tuesday, November 11, 2008

>Nifty Analysis(Elliott view)

With this fast changing world ,Where news reaches from one corner of world to another
corner in seconds.,Which in turn can influence moment of stock markets worldwide and
increases volatility. A daunting situation for a trader.

Tracking Nifty waves as of now is no less than solving a puzzle.
Let me give my perspective .

Most of the elliotticians would back my on this when I say this is 4th sub wave of the main
3rd wave started on(5/5).

Lets get closer to 3rd main wave we can see a clear 3 waves in it till 27/10.
So here we reach the present situation 4th subwave of main 3rd wave.

Now in 3rd main wave the 2nd sub wave was a simple Zig zag.
Also since 1st subwave is not equal to 3rd subwave or
3rd sub wave is not equal to 0.62*1st subwave

We probably should have a Flat or a triangle here in 4th sub wave.

Lets get little closer to 4th sub wave

The rise from 2250( 27/10) low to 3240(5/11)high(green arrow)
this wave is 3 wave structure or
5wave structure is a debatable topic,:)

Though what happened after that look clear.

From 3240 to 2860 we did 5 waves down(Red arrow) Then...

From 2860 to 3160 we did 3 up(S blue arrow).

So the fall which we witnessed today should consist of 5 waves down.

The First target of this wave comes near 2800-2780
Second target comes near 2600-2550.

Note..A close below 2860 should open... way for down levels.

Let this happen and I would be ready with next Part Analysis


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kurichh said...

thanks a lot sir ....


MurAtt said...

Yes, a close below 2860 HAS happened today and next tgt would be 2600ish i.e. 2550 as per you.

Your analysis would be very helpful if some time frames were added too i.e. approx upmove in such such days, so downmoves in equivalent or whatever the technicals are ...

keep posting.


Rish said...

Predicting time in such turbulent times :) is a daunting task.Though when ever i post any analysis that's usually for the coming one week.

krishna said...

Your analysis would be very helpful for us.as i dont know much about technical..........but today nifty touched ur first given tgt as per wave..........

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what happens once it completes 5 wave down ???????????????

Wroodrah said...

i think 2600 -2500 levels are very much possible...

although EWT wise you would know best....

please guide...



shiachin said...

one week over .. waiting for next part analysis :-)

Rish said...

Yes Wroodrah thats a good level to touch before nifty tries something funny:).Achin still some time for next analysis :)

Sahil Kapoor said...

i think we are on the same count, a 1000 point rally looks probable after a touchdown tomorrow. ABC might end abruptly though. lets see.

krishna said...

The First target of this wave comes near 2800-2780
Second target comes near 2600-2550.

rish sir almost nifty did 2600 today.....cheers.................wt next????.......waiting for next analysis ??????????

Sahil Kapoor said...


elliott wave count on gold

Hasit Chhipani said...

sir Now what next targat ?

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