Sunday, November 30, 2008

>Technical Analysis for Short-Term Traders(ebook)

Hi Friends,

I am here uploading an ebook today mainly related to day trading.
Day trading is fast version of Trading ,Which requires good reflex actions,chart
reading and gut feeling.Almost every trader tries hand on day trading but
very few succeed,Others either leave or get forced to leave trading,Remaining
become investors.So this is something which requires continuous updation of
knowledge and thinking.

So here am uploading a ebook mainly catering to day trading needs ,chart
patterns etc.

Download the book here Technical Analysis for Short-Term Traders


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Unknown said...

hey man hi,
nice book there, can you also post some elliot wave book, and you views (wave count) on gold, crude and nifty.

Rish said...

Hi Vijay, Nifty is sideways up after touching a very important level volumes are still lacking friday would have been the deciding factor if terror attack was not there these external factors create noise in short term charts which makes it bit difficult to read chart for some time.

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