Friday, November 21, 2008

>Nifty ,Dowjones & Reliance update.

Hi Friends,
The downside targets are coming thick and fast.

Nifty did its second target of 2550 Nifty analysis.

Dowjones reached the upper edge of the target 7500. Dowjones analysis

Reliance rose above 1180 and showed good momentum above that intraday
but was unable to give a close above 1180 which was needed. Reliance analysis

I feel we are quite near to an substantial rise, Swift and fast rally. May be next week
starting things should change.



krishna said...

all lvl worked very well...cheers.............hope for the best for next week.......rsh sir if any upmove then wt will be possible tgt ( waiting for analysis)???

Anonymous said...

reliance tgt for next week is 1580.

Rish said...

Nice spurt in nifty from 2500 and in dowjones from 7500 bear rallies are fast and swift.!!!

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