Thursday, November 20, 2008

>Failed acquisitions of INDIAN Inc (Blessing in disguise)

The first half of year 2008 saw INDIA Inc overseas acquisition Juggernaut in full flow!!!

Tata's ---------JAGUAR and LANROVER

Birla's--------- NOVALIS

HCL Tech------ AXON

Then came Credit crisis(worst in decade) money crunch. lenders turned apathetic!!!
Of course they had too as they had to fill there own money sucking holes.

In the first half of year we even witnessed few failed Acquisitions too.

First Bharti tried MTN (Gave up soon)
Later RCOM joined the race and almost won the bid,Here comes the brotherly rivalry
Mukesh spoiled Anil's ambitious plan to acquire MTN.

I am sure Anil must be thanking Mukesh for that.(Blessing in disguise).

Then we witnessed bidding war between two IT majors INFOSYS & HCL TECH

Though INFOSYS gave up after some try and it was a topic to debate for quite some time why
INFOSYS gave up.
Well in present situation it looks like it was a wise decision.Infy loss is a gain now. (Blessing in disguise)

The biggest buyout was of Malvinder singh's RANBAXY by Japanese major DIACHII (aaiii ooo chiii)
He sold his company for mouth watering price and is sitting on huge pile of cash:)
Indeed "Singh is king" in this case.



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