Saturday, June 07, 2014

Sugar sector Update

Hi friends,
                I had mentioned about the coming breakout in Sugar sector .Since then we have seen
big gains in that sector As i had said this sector moves in sync all sugar stocks ran,
We have seen gains  from 80% to 20% in them in a very short span of time.
The big guns Namely Bajaj hindustan and renuka are on brutal run hope you saw the last
post and got benefited from timely post!!.

Look to book small part profit on monday in sugars and hold rest for bigger targets.
Below giving an example to demonstrate how a good breakout can be caught if
wave principle was applied.
Lets see the bajaj hind chart.

From the chart we can see 
how the stock broke from 
a small ABC  correction
and it was caught well
by the slanting trend line
and after that the big move
was seen which was caught
properly.So a simple abc 
gave humongous move

after breaking out ,Thats why i say knowing Wave principle Akka Elliottwave trading gives
an edge over other traders to spot the setups much ahead of others of course if applied 



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