Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cipla breaks the range

Hi friends,
                 Cipla is one important player in pharmaceutical segment in India.
Lets look at the cipla structure it brokeout from its slanting down channel
recently.Let me put the chart.
Cipla breaks the range
From the chart we can see the full
fall structure,When i count the waves
from top i see wxyxz finished.
Which can be seen clearly from
the chart.The red count denotes
WXYXZ and yellow denotes internal
structure of each wave.
By this count we can see that an 
important low has been formed 
at 368,And i don't see that breaching

soon ,A trader should look for buying this stock in correction as long as 368 holds.
A target of 450 should be seen in this stock .Once it corrects the recent rise it should be 
a good buy.



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