Monday, June 09, 2014

Hathway cables and Unitech wave targets

Hi friends,
                 I had posted about hathway and unitech sometime back and had anticipated 
big run ups in them.
Look at what i said about HATHWAY CABLES.
This stock did a big abcde consolidation spread over more than a year
but see the beauty of pattern once it was finished it took not even 2 months
to breach resistances and scale an all time high.
A handsome 40%+ move in about
a months time indeed priceless.

Lets look at UNITECH and see what i said about it.
It was at 14 and i was able to see a rally rowards 26 at that time now it has reached 37.
A handsome 100% return in
about a months time.So its all
about what technical analysis
tool one uses to reach his/her
tradesetup.I have been using 
elliottwave for last 7 years 
and i have been rewarded well.
gives a trader edge over others.



Digs said...

Excellent job mate! I am holding some Hathway on your recommendation and gained handsomely! Thanks heaps mate. But seems to have missed Unitech, unfortunately! Anyways.. your next stock should make up for missing Unitech! ;)!
Cheers. God bless

Rish said...

Thanks Digs..

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