Tuesday, June 03, 2014

HDFC ABC galore

Hi friends,
                 I had posted about HDFC ABC'S how the waves evolve ,We witnessed continuous
abc formations ,Till now we have seen 3 consecutive abc's .
Lets see the chart.
HDFC ABC galore
In my last post i had told
about the reversal coming
near 870-865 levels,The
stock went till 862 and reversed
from there and presently trading
at 911,A handsome 5% rise
You can see we just counted 
waves and tried to figure out
next structure ,The last post 
the stock was at 895 and the 

expected fall was till 870-865 the stock fell till 862 and reversed ,Idea was if some one knows
Elliottwave Trading it makes much easier for a trader to anticipate reversals.



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