Sunday, June 01, 2014

NTPC the electric giant followup

Hi friends,
                 In my last post NTPC the electric giant i had mentioned about the wave reversal 
what we can see in NTPC and yes it indeed reversed ferociously .
Let me put the latest chart to show the current picture.
NTPC the electric giant followup
The last post when i had put the
stock was hovering near 120 levels
and it shot up to 167 level quite fast
and now retracing the rise.I see a very
promising future for this stock.
The power crisis is a very old problem
what India is facing and with out NTPC we cannot solve that problem
and now with Modi at the helm of 
government ,Things look rosy for this 
stock because ,For once we can 

expect faster disposal of government files etc.The latest being the Uttar pradesh power crisis people are 
facing 12-14 hrs power cuts ,NTPC is well placed to solve such crisis ,Now even has got own railway 
lines and bogies to get supplied with uninterrupted supply of coal to full fill its power factories demand.
Next few years are NTPC years:)



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