Monday, February 10, 2014

Ultratech Trade strategy

Hi friends,
                   Ultratech has been following waves perfectly ,I tried few trade setups
on it and all were successful,Now here again Ultratech is on important juncture .
Lets look at the chart.
Ultratech Trade strategy
This is daily chart
from the chart we
can see that its forming
a tripple zigzag wxyxz.
I had mentioned few
trade setups in it,They
were based on X wave
move you can check
the trade setups here.
Ultratech trade setup.

Coming back the the above chart we are in c wave of X ,Now the important section
Where to short for Z wave fall,Lets get a closer look at the X wave.
Ultratech Trade strategy
From the chart we
can see,The c leg
target if a=c would be
1770 as of now we
are trading at 1720+
Either short below 1700
or look to short near
1770 for a new low
below 1640 atleast.
If you short below 1700
stoploss would be 1740.

For 1770 we have to see still as we are yet to reach there,Keep an eye on the stock.



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