Friday, February 07, 2014

Technical charts we discussed

Hi Friends,
                   Over last month we discussed many stocks lets see how they performed.

1)IDFC The stock didnot follow the exact said path ,To understand further first have a
   look at the old post IDFC Technicals.
   Expectation was a  move towards 105 then a fall to 95 tentatively
  The stock did 101.50 and then fell below 90 and now trading at 97,
  So overall direction was fine but not in sync properly.

2)FRL This went otherway and hit the stoploss the chart reading went wrong here.
   Look at the post FRL Technicals.

3)Ultratech did exactly as was anticipated and we had trades bothways here
   ie both long and short.
   First we longed from 1690 to 1730 the post was Ultratech Technicals.
  Once 1740 was done and not crossed we had a short trade on our hands
  1730 to 1660 As shown in this post Ultratech Update.So overall this
  stock did perfectly both ways.

4)TCS Long trade was expected and did perfectly,See the old post
    here TCS Technicals.Adip was a buy we got a dip till 2145 and then
   we rallied till 2180+ almost testing 2187 resistance.

5) TATASTEEL A long trade was expected here Se the old post here Tatasteel technicals.
     A rally was expected till 360+ and it did 360 in hurry and it has even
     crossed that.


Unknown said...

Good Rish: Pleasant that you are taking good interest and posting your practice.. Your selection of stocks also good. Nice follow up. Keep an eye on Aban Offshore, DLF. These two would suit your selection.. All the best

Rish said...

Yes Bala Aban is on run the move of it shows its in a hurry to finish targets fast...

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