Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Bharti Airtel Long term Technical Analysis

Hi friends,
                   Revisiting Bharti airtel long term Technical analysis,Had posted this last
in November 2013 ,To visit old post go here Bharti Airtel .
Stock has traveled some distance in its e wave fall from 350 it has already tested
Bharti Airtel Long term Technical Analysis
This stock has been moving
in this squeeze from 2007
so once it breaks that a nice
trending move is possible
in this stock.
Ideal strategy would be
to buy in dips for investors
every dip accumulate for
handsome gain ,My tentative
target for this stock bottom

is 270-250 ,Plan accordingly breaking below lower trendline looks quite rare,But we are in stock
market so need to have some stop in place even for investment ,Below 200 i would be worried about my investment and would look to dump it in rise.Looking for what fundamental push would
make Bharti to give that push up Retail??Fingers crossed.


Rehman said...

What is the Target expected?

Rish said...

Target after breakout would be 550,600!!

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