Friday, February 14, 2014

Gold breaks out

Hi friends,
                  I had posted gold positional chart some time back and had mentioned
about coming breakout in Gold chart.
The breakout in gold has come already and the trade is already in handsome gain.
Lets look at the present chart.
From the chart the
breakout is seen,Next
hurdles 1335,1394
and then finally 1390
for now should trail
the position with 1280
as trailing stoploss or
can book some profit

and hold rest with buy price trail for the targets of 1335,1394.Lets look at the chart
We can see from the chart
gold did 1st wave up and then
a small wave 2 and now
trading in 3rd wave with
targets of 1335 and 1394
Lets see how gold
performs in coming



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