Sunday, February 23, 2014

Larson & Tubro Elliottwave Analysis

Hi friends,
                  Looking at Larson chart ,This chart was range bound for much time
Slowly it came out of range now targeting 61.8% retracement .of the fall from
1155+ to 950+.
Lets look at the chart to have a closer look.

Larson & Tubro Elliottwave Analysis
From the chart we see
we have finished one
big abc from 1155 to 950
and then a counter trend
rally is on which is reaching
almost 61.8% retracement level
On labeling wave ,I see we are
in 3rd of c and can see 5 wave
in 3rd wave ,We should be
finishing 3rd on Monday

Any rally on Monday should be used to see for a wave 4 fall and if 1016 is broken it can even stretch.
My expectation would be to short any rally i see on Monday .



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