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>Delhi Seminar

Delhi Seminar Excerpts:-
Even if Delhi had freezing cold temperature the response for the Seminar was very good; it was very much appreciated by the participants and people liked the way it was presented. Speakers included Mr A K Prabhakar, Tanmay G Purohit, Dinesh Nagpal, Rohit Mankotia, Abhay Mehrotra and Navneet Singhal, each one talking about his own skill sets.

We had participants coming all the way from SILIGURI in the East and from Mumbai in the West. Participants were from all backgrounds like IT Services to Doctors, from all ages as young as a 25 year old CA working for a MNC to a 65 years old Gentleman from GORAKHPUR who was as eager to learn the detail knowledge required for intra day trading set ups.

Mr Prabhakar talked about his outlook on Indian markets and overall how investors need to avoid traps and make profits consistently. Main aim of the seminar was to make investors empowered to use their own methods for buying/selling decisions and how to look beyond vicissitudes of markets. Be it bull market or bear, there are always opportunities for investing and as investors we need to always look forward for money-making opportunities, we hope the aim was achieved to a great extent:-

Mr A K Prabhakar:-
Prabhakarji talked about his outlook on Indian markets and how he expects Year 2010 to be an year of Midcap stocks. He exemplified SAIL :- how Dinesh Nagpal, a steel trader found attitude change in SAIL and how the approach of the company was changing while handling customers, suddenly he discussed the idea with Mr Prabhakar and Prabhakarji advised buying this PSU steel stock at Rs 40-50 which is now above Rs 250. He explained his predictions about Year 2010 and where can Indian markets be in the next 5-6 years. He also explained very easily the big story called India and how this country can grow even with so many problems. What can be pitfalls in investing here, what care needs to be taken while investing in any kind of equity stocks? His main focus was about stock-picking skills and even in bad times how to find the best of the lot.

Tanmay G Purohit:-
Tanmay talked about both Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis where he stressed on a need for Techno-Fundamental approach. He started with patterns in Technical analysis and how traditional analysis can be clubbed with Elliot waves to arrive at investing decisions. The focus was on detecting the patterns in the most easiest way and how to find price targets through simple techniques with real-life examples. In Fundamental Analysis, he talked about reading the balance sheet and what are the vital numbers to analyze when it comes to fundamentals. Also he showed how a casual walk in a city also can be a way to analyze fundamentals and why Fundamentals are not just about reading balance sheets or accounting statements, how a vision can be developed for investing and how to find next winning stories.

Dinesh Nagpal:-
A businessman from Kolkatta but has great belief in studying markets and making money through that! He explained about some great stories in the making in individual stocks and how one can take full benefit of them. Dinesh talked about many stocks from Power, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Financial sectors and how one can take benefit from the budget-related stocks. Very openly and in a straight-forward way he talked about what the main pitfalls of investors are and how consistent yearly returns are better than blidnly going after multi-bagger stocks. It is very important to read and research before entering a trade was strongly emphasised.

Abhay Mehrotra:-
Abhay is a commodity trader and very much focused on his principles of trading. His stress was on Discipline in trading and how indisciplined traders fail. He explained the use of oscillators like MACD, RSI to use in trading and talked about how Gold can be used for trading. Also he explained how even small stops can be sufficient to trail positions and take full benefit of the intraday trend.

Navneet Singhal:-
Navneet introduced all of the participating speakers and he himself is a Chartered Accountant who has great interest in stock market analysis also. He showed the crowd how even the simplest tools in Technical Analysis could have helped an investor from the fall in 2008, how the opportunity for investing could have been grabbed in early 2009 for buying also. He also explained why Ranbaxy was a sell even after Dai-Ichi Sankyo deal price was more than 40% above market price at that time and similarly why it became a buy around Rs 250. When many were bearish about telecom stocks how there was an opportunity for buying in Bharti Airtel and why the stock outperformed after that. He also explained how PE (Fundamental) can be used by creating its chart and thus applying Technical Analysis tools on Fundamental Ratios.

Rohit Mankotia (Rish Trader):-
Rohit explained the crowd about using Elliot Wave to our benefits , How the wave structure can be analyzed and also how to figure out where wave started . He explained the types of charts and why he feels bar charts are best for analyzing waves. Rohit was bang-on point when he explained in the easiest way how Elliot Waves can be used for day-to-day trading decisions,Swing trades and finalizing general trend. what is to be focused the most from Elliot Wave Analysis for day-traders was his main focus of explanation and he showed us all true examples of how he used very basic principles for trading.

A long list of stocks were covered in detail during the 2 days seminar, some of them are given below in the link which is the fabulous 15 stock selection of MR A K PRABHAKAR.

Fabulous 15

We thank all of you who made this Seminar a great Success. Will look forward to have your support in our future seminars.




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