Saturday, January 02, 2010

>Techno-Fundamental Seminar(Delhi)

Hi Friends,
First and foremost Happy and prosperous year 2010.
Year 2009 was a great year for a Investor who bought at the start of the year and held it till
the year end:).Where as for a Bear Trader the year was short lived.New year 2010 could be quite different from year 2009,Could well be a great year for a trader.

Learn more about Market analysis.Mr Prabhakar along with Navneet singhal is conducting a seminar on Fundamentals and Technical s .The gist of the content of the seminar can be procured from here Seminar details .

Why to attend?
Mr prabhakar has got vast experience which he has gained over a period of 18 years .I leaned many things from him also got my doubts cleared by him during my early trading days ,Which helped me much in my later days well If foundation is strong Building would stand tall even in turbulent times.
Of course i would be present there too :)

Any one whose interested to attend can contact Navneet singhal on +91 9899593340



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