Thursday, June 16, 2016

>DAX Elliottwave counts

Hi friends,
                    With BREXIT round the corner everone is quite jittery about whats coming up.
What  britishers would vote for !!
Germany being the dominant economy of Eurozone lets see how its chart is placed.

The waves are so clear in DAX chart any one who is learning ELLIOTTWAVE  should try resolving this chart from high ,We have a combination of 5's and 3's .I have labled the chart ,We can see from the chart WX is done and Y is on .
A of Y is done and now the stock is in B of Y .
What we can say confidently from the chart.
1 After completion of B a fall is coming which should see levels lower than A of Y .
2 The move is still corrective.

Friday, May 27, 2016

>DCB Elliott wave count

Hi Friends,
                       Looking at DCB a text book 5 up move is anticipated.
Look at the move from the basing of 70 ,we had a 1 up and abc down and a big rally till
100+ and then the stock went into consolidation.
This consolidation looks like a 4th 
wave fall,
Expecting a 5th up rally in it after 
this consolidation is over ,Keep this
on radar to look for a rally towards 100+
and further towards 110.